The Secure Outdoor Data Center
Individual – Certified – Customized Design

GranITe-Outdoor.cert presents the ideal synthesis between the highest construction IT security and aesthetical design. This autonomous IT-secure building can be positioned simply & quickly on any piece of open land.

It really is no matter at all whether permanent solution or backup data center: GranITe-Outdoor.cert offers a high degree of security and protection for high availability acc. to stringent national and international standards.

Product Details:

  • Modular system construction of wall, ceiling and floor elements
  • Many attractive options for the outer facade
  • Extremely high thermal and mechanical stability
  • Door with multi-lock system and anti-panic function
  • Mechanical key-lock
  • Fire-resistant cable & tube ducts
  • Weatherproof
  • Multi-level (optional)
  • Independent of location


Test Certificates:

  • ECB•S Certification acc. to EN 1047-2
  • EI180 Building component test acc. to EN 1363
  • Burglar protection WK 2 acc. to EN 1630
  • Door system optional in WK 4
  • Dust protection IP 56 acc. to EN 60 529
  • Extinguishing-water protection IP 56 acc. to EN 60529
  • Protection against standing water
  • Smoke tightness in line with EN 1634-3 (DIN 18095)
  • Impact test acc. to EN 1047-2
  • EMC protection test
  • Explosion protection

Show Individuality


GranITe-Outdoor.cert combines functionality with an appealing design: Operators have the possibility of choosing between different facades such as with glass, metal or plaster. Even the roof construction offers imaginative freedom for individual optics, such as a flat roof, pitched roof or even a single pitch roofall is possible – creativity literally knows no limits!

A harmonious integration with already existing architecture, but also the revaluation of tired environments with the help of futuristic elements- nothing is impossible.

Take the chance to experience more about Outdoor-Data Centers (Link to Case studie LAND-DATA).