More than anywhere else in the business world IT-application and environment is in need of security solutions, which are tested and certified to be in accordance with latest international standards.

Under German Management we offer highest physical IT-security for the private sector such as industry, finance, telecommunication, trade and for all government institutions and utilities.

Through their regional headquarter, Pacific-SecureIT leading European manufacturers, provides latest technology in close cooperation with carefully selected and well trained local partners.

Are you looking for the certified solutions from Europe at acceptable prices?

  • To protect your data media
  • To protect your data center and servers
  • To protect mission critical computer operations

IT-Security Room


IT Data Safe


What are your IT requirements?

  • You want to achieve highest system availability?
  • You are looking for certified security solution for your data on site or backup?
  • You want a professional IT-Check at acceptable cost?
  • You want us to “clean” your data centre or semi-conductor factory?
  • You need best shielding solution?
  • You keep sensitive data and mission critical operations under your own control, secured and certified according to relevant international standards?
  • You want your IT outsourcing to be certified according to relevant international standards?
  • You need professional access control solutions countrywide or for your private home?
  • You need a neutral highly reliable 3rd party audit for your data center solutions or part of it?

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  • further information and advise
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