Biometric Systems Made in Austria

What is Biometrics?

The word biometrics has a Greek origin: “metron” meaning measure and “bio” meaning life. Complex and very expensive biometric systems have been used for the last decades in high security areas. There is a whole series of biometric techniques putting emphasis on the head (face, iris, retina, ear pattern, …), the body (finger scan, hand geometry, vein pattern, DNA, …) or behavioural characteristics (voice, signature, motion, keystroke patterns,…). Only few of them are both technically mature and ready for the mass market at reasonable prices. Biometric characteristics are registered through a scanner for data acquisition. Certain unique features are extracted, processed, converted into a binary code and then cryptographically secured in a data base from that moment onwards. Newly presented data is compared to previously saved master templates and access is granted only on positive authentication.

Finger Scannnig

Of all existing biometric techniques finger scanners offer the highest convenience for the mass market. They are affordable, well accepted by the public, safe and technically mature.

Line Sensor

No fingerprint stays on the scanner surface due to the finger being swiped over the scanner and the scanner texture not being modified.

How does scanning work?

When the users swipe their fingers over the scanner the finger lines are analyzed via RF technology and saved as a unique key code. Each time the scanner is used the presented finger is converted into a code and then compared to the one saved in the system. The door opens only on a positive match.