Data Safe

How do you protect you data?

If backup only cannot be the answer, this is the solution to improve physical security that meets international standards.

Can you insure your company from daily risks such as loss of data, manipulation, espionage and many more?

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Highest possible protection level for physical security of data media.


Performance Overview:

The Pacific-SecureIT Data Safe is tested and certified by leading neutral international organization to meet the relevant international European data security standards.

Protecting against fire in accordance with EN 1047-1.
Through sandwich construction with top quality insulation

Data Safes
Made in Germany

Tested burglar proofness in accordance with EN 1143-1



Optimum protection against vandalism

Protection against penetration of smoke and aggresive conflagration gasses

Sealing system for water
Content is e.g. protected against fire fighting water



Falling Debris


Protection against explosives


Tilt resistance
With door open and drawers extracted

If data is worth processing,
it is worth securing


Wraparound locking through 25 mm twistlock


Shatter proof
Shatter test from 9.15 m height in accordance with EN 1047-1


Preparation for alarm system
Preparation for connection of alarm systems (without electronic parts), optional from WG III on as a standard feature


Monitor by the TUV (Technical Inspection Agency)

Accident Protection
Warranty against for test accident protection