Prior1 Germany/Switzerland - Concrete based modular room panels

The latest IT-Security Room available from SwissTe Switzerland has developed the latest ECB-S certified high end IT-Security Room. Now available also Asia-wide through the Asia-Pacific Representative office.

The so called HDC (High Protection Cage) secures mission critical computer operations of every company and Government organizations, which cannot effort downtime. It is value added to every DRC and main data center of the company to contribute to the very existence of every organizations in case disaster should strike. In particular the risk of fire in many Asian countries is extremely critical. In case of data centers the risk of fire from outside the data center is the most serious concern. Not to forget the damage the fire brigade in action can cause to a data center or even the staff or riots.

This IT-Security room is located within the data center itself (room in the room) and is hermetically sealed. Similar to the black box of a plane it shall keep all data and equipment available after a potential disaster. Therefore the HDC protects against:

Fire and humidity according to EN 1047-2. (ECB-S certified for protection of data and computer operations by the European Security Systems Association (ESSA). Tested and certified as one complete unit.

Fire rating for buildings according to DIN 4102 F 90 (optional F 120, F 180)

Burglar protection level WK 4

EMC protection / lightning protection (higher EMC level optional)

High security door system, 3-point locking, self docking with panic lock for easy emergency exit

Special cable ducts serve as entrance for cables and air conditioning tubes. Tight single cable enclosure prevent fire, heat and smoke from coming in from the outside. Rearrangement of cables is possible.

Exhaust fire dampers (pneumatic) are connected to the alarm system and prevent smoke, heat and fire from coming into the IT-Security room from the outside.

The modular and enlargeable room will be assembled on site by certified staff of the supplier. Aside from the certificates, which go along with the IT-room a full TUEV certification of the entire IT-Room can be provided upon request.