RZ Products Germany - Steel based modular room panels

The newly developed IT-Security Room is the ultimate physical solution for highest system availability

  • Automatic security and archiving systems
  • Robot systems
  • Communication systems
  • etc.

The IT-Security Room is tested and certified by leading neutral international organization to meet the relevant international European data security standards.

IT-Security Room

  Made in GERMANY

24 hours prepared for an emergency

Total solution for IT-Systems and Infrastructure

  • Proven fire protection, smoke, heat
  • Protection against fire fighting water
  • Protection against espionage
  • Burglar protection
  • Vandalism
  • Protection against EMP and RF
  • Protection against falling debris
  • Protection against dust
  • Internationally tested and certified
  • Meeting international data security standards
  • Modular room in room system
  • Scalable
  • Dust free adjustment of size
  • Cost effective dismantling for easier relocation
  • No fixed structure, no loss of investment
  • Easy & secure introduction of power and data cable
  • Lightweight constructions
  • Complete turnkey solution